DIY Wedding Party Test Tube Flower Vase for Your Table Top Decoration

We really enjoyed creating this DIY. It’s easy, pretty and budget-friendly. For only $10, we managed to purchase all our materials!

For this tutorial, we will show you two ways to create your own DIY party / wedding test tube flower vase. First method you’ll be needing a glue and glitters and the second method uses an acrylic paint. You can use either method depending on your style and preferences. You can also decide on colors to match your party / wedding.

We purchased our materials from our local Dollar Store, we found flower foam brick, sold in set of 3 for only $1.00! Grabbed our glitter box ($2) & acrylic paint ($.95) in Walmart and got our test tubes in Amazon, sold in set of 25 for only $5.00!

Anyway, to know more how to create your own wedding / party DIY test tube flower vase, watch our video tutorial below. This is perfect for baby showers, bridal showers and wedding parties! This will definitely complete your table top decoration.

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